FREE detailed SEO Report of your site!

Monday, April 27, 2009 1:13
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As  a promotion of SEO Eazy, I am offering a completely FREE with no strings attached, detailed SEO Report of your site. This report will include lots of things and will give you a clear idea of what needs to be done to improve your Search Engine rankings. I normally charge anywhere between $25-30 per site for this report. But it’s completely free for a limited time only for SEO Eazy readers!

Here’s what reports you will get:

1. In bound links report – A report of your in bound links compared with your top 10 competitors based on your keywords.

2. On Page SEO report – A detailed report of your On page SEO status and things needed to be done to improve it!

3. General Report – A general advice report.

4. Search Engine Submission and report – Submission of your site to 50+ search engines and it’s detailed report.


How to get the report?

Just send me the following details of your site via the contact form on this site.

1. Site URL

2. Keywords

3. Your email address

4. Competitors links, if any (I will anyway find your competitors so this is not mandatory).

Note: Only ONE SITE PER PERSON is allowed. So if you send me more sites, I will consider only one site!

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