Best Shared Web Hosting Reviews 2014

Saturday, March 13, 2010 2:58
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Here is our list of top 5 web hosting service provider companies of 2012 in the shared hosting segment which outrank other hosts and were able to make in our top list. Checkout our web hosting comparison chart before you buy any hosting.

Hosting CompanyUptimeWebspace and bandwidthPricing & Discount CouponsDetails
fatcow99.99%Unlimited Get iPage at $3.50/month only through our special discount link. Sign Up
99.99%Unlimited Fatcow Starts at $3.67 - only through our special discount link. Sign Up
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99.99%Unlimited Hostpapa Starts at $4.95. Use Coupon code "AS89" Get 40% discount ! Sign Up

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How Good Is Free Web Hosting for Your Business?

Saturday, November 22, 2014 23:39
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ad_freehostingWhen it comes to web hosting, most people find the cost a big burden to take at first. Especially for a startup website, the cost of webhosting can be way too higher than what it earns. This is why most people make the mistake of going with a free web host. While free hosts may sound attractive and easy at first, there are some things most people forget. Rather than the perks they offer, free web hosting has a dark side that people don’t always see. Here is what you’ll miss in the free hosting that seems so cool.

May lower your authority

Free webhosts are able to provide you their otherwise costly services for free because they get paid from their advertisers. This would mean irritating banner ads and pop ups to the visitors of your website. Free web hosts would make your website seem less important to your visitors with these irritating ads. You don’t even get to choose what ads they display, it’s like you are bound to put up with anything and everything they put on your site. This will eventually lessen the authority of your website and your business in the eyes of your customers and prospects.

Low level security

Regardless of the seriousness of your website, your data is still worth a lot more than money. Going with a free webhost would mean less security to your precious website data. Since they provide free service, it does not make sense for them to imply all the costly security features that standard webhosting services offer typically. And since free hosts don’t have high end backup features, lost data is typically lost forever.

Frequent downtimes

Free webhosts usually attract many people into creating trash and even spam sites. Free webhosts usually don’t limit the number of people that can use their service. This makes their server overcrowded and it affects every website hosted over there. Your website will face frequent downtimes and could lose visitors and potential customers. With such high number of users, you might also want to consider the privacy aspect of your website. Free hosts never provide the uptimes that they advertise or boast of. Losing visitors because of downtimes is a really awkward condition which will pull your business down.

Non-reliable technical support

With a free web hosting service, you will never get real time technical support if you happen to face an issue with your account. Unlike paid hosting services, free hosts don’t have real time support options to help you with the problems. Of course, they do have forums where you can post your issue but they are not worth it considering the time it might take to get any real help. Moreover, with free web hosts you are likely to face issues and need technical assistance more often.

Considering all this, free web hosting is not at all a good option even for a startup or a low funded business. It’s best used for hosting personal blogs and amateur websites.

David Ford is a full time blogger and web content consultant. For more help on selecting your webhost, check out his articles on VPS Hosting Reviews where he writes on web hosting, website development and other related topics.

Selecting a SEO Company

Sunday, May 20, 2012 10:57
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Locating the best SEO company to provide the services needed to rank well in the search engines is difficult. There are many search engine optimisation companies, many of which are self-proclaimed the ‘best’. That makes finding the appropriate firm an even harder process since the techniques utilised are more subjective that are harder to measure instantly. Search engine optimisation provided by The Web Showroom is often heralded as the best in Australia. However, this is not the only company that offers such services in Sydney.

Competition for search engine optimisation firms is heating up drastically in this region of Australia, which makes determining the best SEO company a painstaking effort. Items to take into account when selecting a firm is to check the website’s own rankings. Websites that are unable to rank at the top for their own target keywords may possess a difficult time in obtaining top results for your company. That does not mean the firm cannot deliver, but companies in a competitive industry will likely need a firm that can show it is able to obtain stellar positions in the search results of their own website. Any company that truly claims it is the best should manage to take on this component.

Other key considerations when selecting a search engine optimisation company are your budget and objectives. Make certain that that your objectives are realistic in relation to your budget. Then find the best firm that is able to closest match budget restraints and capable of achieving your objectives. Asking specific questions can help separate snake oil salesmen from those who can actually deliver upon the results promised. Thus make certain that all questions are adequately answered and the replies make sense. Do not fall for the trap that the concept is overly technical or is a trade secret and thus the company cannot talk about what it will do to improve rankings. Certainly it is true that an SEO firm is unlikely to reveal the details of each technique, but it should deliver enough information to address the original question appropriately.

Protecting Your Online Reputation One Day at a Time

Monday, April 9, 2012 1:05
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If you are a high profile individual or business than you very well may consider looking into a full time reputation manager. If your trying to figure out what the heck a reputation manager it’s somebody who helps you to control how you are viewed overall on the world wide web. In a world where everybody is enticed to be more open about their feelings online and anybody can set up a blog to write about anything they want with no restrictions at any given time it creates a very dangerous web ecosystem.

As a high profile individual or owning a business that gets a lot of press both positive and negative it is of the utmost importance to protect how you are perceived online. Everyday our company Profile Defenders gets phone calls from business owners who say that they are losing clients every single day and they had no idea about the thousands of dollars that they lost prior to Googling themselves.

These business owners are apt to opt into our internet reputation defense services right away because the way you are perceived in the search engines can be extremely damaging to even the most reputable businesses offline.

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Godaddy renewal coupon .org .net or .com 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012 0:02
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